Things I am Learning #4

‘Communications’ is Chaos

Most of us have come to the realisation that communicating is not a linear process. The concept that A can send a message that B will receive and interpret in complete harmony is thankfully outdated.

The progression of this theory was to consider communication as a cyclical process where B can feedback to A in a dialogue that arrives at shared understanding. This “two-way” communication is still thrown around as the holy grail (sometimes) however are we missing something?

What happens when B talks to B. Our audiences do not exist in isolation. They talk: to us, about us and to each other. Social media has amplified this but in reality this has always been the case. Social media has just increased the speed and scale of conversations.

I am learning that communications is in fact Chaos. A now sends a message that can be picked up by B,C and D; Interpreted by them all (probably differently); and shared, and reused, without our control.

Comms isn’t one way or two way – it’s poly way.


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