Watch for IC

I’ve always fancied starting a blog, so with the combination of a New Year and reasonably new job I thought I would give it a crack.

Watch for IC

Starting out in an Internal Comms role really feels like the beginning of a journey for me. I’m a few months in, pulling together a strategy and starting to get to grips with things but I know there’s so much I want to do. Wanting to ‘run before I can walk’ is a cliche that springs to mind. Speaking to other IC’ers they’ve had the same experience, you probably have too. This blog is intended to be my outlet – a place where I can share the thoughts, questions, musings, rants and raves (hopefully less of the latter)  along the way.

Oh and the name. The name is really epitomised by the picture, running before you can walk invariable leads to you ending up on your arse. Just like the polar bear.

Pesky ICE



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